The first Khema clinic – Khema Clinic & Maternity – opened in 2012 in Phnom Penh’s Toul Kork area. It soon became one of Phnom Penh’s leading private clinics offering comprehensive, high quality and affordable care to the city’s residents.

After a few years of very successful operations, the decision was made to take health care provision in Phnom Penh to the next level by expanding and opening a second clinic. In April 2016, the doors to the new clinic – Khema International Polyclinic – opened to the public in the very heart of Phnom Penh’s BKK1 area. The central location conveniently provides residents of the city, locals and expats alike, with with high standard heath care at their doorstep which can be lifesaving in a case of emergency.

Khema International Polyclinic employs 35 full- and part time doctors. Almost all have trained or worked abroad, meaning that the clinic has a true international medical team to take care of its clients. All doctors speak English and many speak French.

The clinic also works closely with regional and international partners, such as the Harley Street Heart and Cancer Clinic in Singapore and a team of urologist and ENT specialists from France. These specialists come to Khema International Polyclinic on a regular basis to give expert consultations, care and treatment. Shortly, the clinic will also be offering telemedicine services, which will enable cooperation with international experts and give clients and doctors at Khema advice, support and the reassurance of a second medical opinion. 

Khema International Polyclinic is spread over 9 floors and offer all major of medical specialties one can expect in a modern clinic. Visit our medical center pages for more details services offered. Khema operates fully equipped, modern facilities and medical modalities, including:

-  An advanced medical laboratory

-  Catherization laboratory

-  CT scan

-  Mammogram

-  Ultrasound scan

-  Endoscopy

-  X-ray

The clinic also houses two fully equipped delivery rooms apt for both natural births and medically assisted deliveries, ICU rooms, a 24/7 ambulance service and an in-house pharmacy. 

If you have any inquiries about Khema International Polyclinic, wish to make an appointment or wish to visit our clinic for a tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.