Vision, Mission and Values

Khema – clinic of excellence. Where international standards meet the warmth of Khmer hospitality

Khema- the clinic of possibilities. Where international health care quality meets the warmth of Khmer hospitality

Khema- care you can trust.


A Cambodia where everyone’s heath care needs are met with empathy, expertise and quality care.



To be the clinic of choice for Cambodians and expats in need of high quality, affordable and trusted health care. We wish to contribute to a future Cambodia, where its residents’ health care needs are met in-country and standards are trusted.  



At Khema, we are guided by our values which permeates all the care we provide and the work we do together.


We are compassionate:


We care for and respect all our patients and co-workers. Everyone who steps inside our clinic will be treated with resects and quality care. To the best extent possible, we will ensure that our patients wishes and needs are met.


We look to the future:


We are proud of the expertise and collected experience housed under Khema’s roof. We aim to become the clinic of choice for the residents of Phnom Penh, and beyond. We are driven by integrity and strive to continuously learn and be innovative. We see a bright future.


We lead:


We strive to always provide and deliver the highest quality care and service. We are not afraid to lead and see ourselves at the forefront of a future Cambodia where the standard of healthcare can be trusted.