Healthy Kids

As parents, we all want what is best for our children: we want them to grow up to become healthy, happy and well-rounded individuals.


Children need heathy food habits. When a child is around one year old, most can eat almost all the food that older children and adults eat. If a young child is exposed to many different flavors and textures early on in life, the more likely he or she is to become an adventurous eater and, therefore, also become used to, and enjoy, a varied, nutritious diet.


Giving your child healthy and nutritious food doesn’t need to be tricky or difficult. If you give and make your child accustomed to a healthy life-style, you also provide them with a good foundation from which to grow healthy and strong. Think about the following when planning, cooking and feeding your child:


-     Foods with added sugar, such as soft drinks, juices, candy, cookies and sugary cereal should be avoided as much as possible;

-     Salt should be restricted but using a little bit is OK. Instead of salting too much, it is recommended to use spices and herbs for added flavors when cooking;

-     Water is the best drink for your child.