Medical Rehabilitation Center

What is Medical Rehabilitation?


Khema’s Medical Rehabilitation Center includes three main specialties:


-        Physiotherapy

-        Speech Therapy

-        Occupational Therapy


The speech and occupational therapy services are operated by the Happy Kids Clinic, a social enterprise comprised of a team of international speech and occupational therapists and local Cambodian therapy assistants. For more information about the Happy Kids Clinic, please click here


What is Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy uses evidence-based techniques to help preserve, enhance or restore bodily movement and function of anyone affected by an injury, disability or health condition. A physiotherapist has in-depth knowledge of how the body works as well as clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat symptoms and issues.


What is Speech Therapy?


Speech therapy involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people with communication difficulties or impairments. Speech therapy is a very different process to seeing a doctor. It involves detailed assessment and longer term therapy. It is not a “quick fix” approach like getting medication.


What is Occupational Therapy?


Occupational therapy involves promoting health and well-being through occupation. For children, this may include every day activities, such as playing, feeding, going to the toilet, going to school, getting dressed or learning new skills. Occupational therapy can help with these kinds of activities by modifying the environment or task, or by enabling the learning of a new skill.


Center Information




The physiotherapist at Khema work closely with doctors from our different centers as well as independently to help clients with a variety of issues, including clients that have neurological problems, such as: stroke patients; people with cerebral palsy, brachial plexus palsy or downs syndrome; spinal cord injuries; and developmental delay. Physiotherapy can also help for various orthopedic problems, including pre- and post-surgery and musculoskeletal issues, such as lumbar, neck, shoulder and knee pain.  


Physiotherapy Services:


-            Manual Therapy

o   Manipulation

o   Joint mobilization and gliding

o   Muscle strengthening and stretching

o   Massage


-            Exercise Therapy

o   Motor Re-learning Program

-     Postural correction

-     Functional exercise therapy/ADL

-     Nero-Sliding exercises

-     Home exercises

-     Muscle strengthening

-     NDT technique

-     Balance exercise


-            Machine Therapy

o   Ultrasound

o   TENs Therapy

o   Heat and Cold Therapy

o   Traction Bed




At Happy Kids Clinic within Khema, the speech and occupational therapists works closely with families to provide comprehensive and holistic support and care. The Happy Kids Clinic works according to a customized approach, where each child or client will be assessed on an individual basis to ensure the best possible care rather than a ‘one-fit-all’ method of care. The Happy Kids Clinic team can provide care and support at the clinic, but also offers home- and school support.


Speech Therapy Services

-            Support and care for children with:

o   Communication difficulties

o   Feeding difficulties

o   Autism

o   Cerebral palsy

o   Downs syndrome

o   Brain injury 


Occupational Therapy Services

o   Specialized or informal functional demand assessment;

o   Individualized and needs based design of programs for skills development in children;

o   Support and care in clinic, home or school to help children reach developmental; milestones, increase independence and build self-esteem;

o   Support and care for children with:

-     Autism Spectrum Disorder;

-     Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;

-     Sensory Processing Disorder;

-     Developmental Delay

-     Injury (rehabilitation support)


If you have any question or inquiries, please contact us here, or if you wish to make an appointment with us, please click here


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