Singapore Cancer Clinic

What is Oncology?


Oncology is the medical field that deals with cancers and tumors; and an oncologist is a physician that specializes in the diagnosis, treatment/therapy and care of various forms of cancers and tumors.


Center Information


At Khema’s Singapore Cancer Clinic, we have the capacity and expertise to welcome patients in need of cancer diagnosis, care and treatment. The Singapore Cancer Clinic is managed and supervised by the Harley Street Health and Cancer Clinic in Singapore, which makes up the core of Khema’s oncology center. On a regular basis, a highly experienced oncologists from Singapore, Dr. Lo Soo Kien, Sue,  perform consultations, diagnosis and other services at Khema International Polyclinic together with the local team.


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-            Consultations

o   General consultations and screening

o   Health Promotion packages


-            Diagnosis

o   Manual procedures

o   Pap-smear test

o   Blood analysis

o   Ultrasound

o   X-ray

o   Endoscopy

o   Mammogram


-            Treatment

o   Surveillance and Monitoring

o   Chemotherapy

o   Surgery


-            Referral services

o   At Khema, we can help refer to specialist care and treatment facilities, both in-country and international clinics/hospitals. Our close collaboration with the Singapore Cancer Clinic offers expert treatment options in their Singapore clinic.


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