Women and Kids' Clinic

What is the Women and Kids' Clinic?


At Khema Women and Kids' Clinic, we care for all women and children who step inside our doors. The women and children is a combined OB-GYN and Pediatrics clinic where specialist doctors and nurses work together to offer comprehensive and holistic services for our clients.


What is Pediatrics?


Pediatrics comes from the Greek words pedi (child) and iatros (doctor or healer). In other words, pediatrics is the medical field which specializes in the medical care for infants, children and adolescents.


What is OBY/GYN?


Obstetrics and gynecology are closely related. Both focus on the female reproductive system, however while obstetrics deals with the pregnant woman, the delivery and the post-partum period, gynecology deals with the non-pregnant adult women.


In the past decade, Cambodia has made significant improvement with regards to maternal, infant and children’s health. Reduction in infant- and child deaths can, partly, be accredited to immunization programs, antenatal and postnatal services, delivery with a skilled birth attendant at a health facility, increased breastfeeding rates, better nutrition and general poverty reduction.


At Khema Women and Kids' Clinic, we provide comprehensive and holistic care to all women, expectant mothers, mothers, infants and children.


Center Information




At Khema Women and Kids' Clinic, we provide comprehensive care for all our young patients. We have a team of pediatricians working at the clinic, with extensive experience in providing care for infants, babies and children.


Pediatric Services


-            General Check-ups

-            Vaccinations

-            Diagnostics

-            Speech Therapy

-            Special Needs Services




At Khema, we feel that each birth is a miracle. Therefore, we make sure all new babies born at our clinic receive the best possible start in life and we provide the highest standard care for all mothers, as they deserve only the best.


The OB-GYN center at Khema is a comprehensive, fully equipped unit complete with examination rooms, and delivery rooms. The OB-GYN team consists of specialist doctors, midwives and nurses and every delivery is attended by an obstetrician, a midwife and a pediatrician.


Gynecology Services


o   Gynecology consultation and examination

o   Pap-smear

o   Sexually transmitted infections and Treatment

o   Birth control: different methods available (e.g. pill, coil, implant, IUD, tubal ligation)

o   Menopausal support


Obstetrics and Maternity Services


-            Maternal Packages:

o   Preconception Check-up

o   Antenatal Care > 12 weeks- birth Package (click)

o   Antenatal Care > 25 weeks- birth Package (click)

o   Natural Childbirth Standard Package (click)

o   Natural Childbirth Deluxe Package (click)

o   Natural Childbirth VIP Package (click)

o   Natural Childbirth Premier Package (click)

o   Natural Childbirth Romdoul Package (click)

o   C-Section Standard Package (click)

o   C-Section Deluxe Package (click)

o   C-Section VIP Package (click)

o   C-Section Premier Package (click)

o   C-Section Romdoul Package (click)

o   Postpartum Package (click)


-            Antenatal care (ANC):

o   Pre-pregnancy health check-up/consultation

o   Routine prenatal tests

HIV, Hepatitis, Syphilis and other sexually transmitted infections




Rubella (German measles)

Blood tests

Fetal heartbeat

o   Genetic screening

Chromosomal abnormalities

·         Nuchal translucency (NT) test to evaluate risk for downs syndrome, trisomy and certain heart defects

Amniocentesis testing

o   Mother/parent classes

Session 1: Pregnancy: my beautiful 9 months

Session 2: How to prepare yourself for the birth

Session 3: Childbirth: trust yourself and your instinct

Session 4: Mother’s milk, the gift of nature

Session 5: How to take care of your baby

Session 6: Postpartum care and pelvic floor trainings


-            Postnatal care (PNC):

o   Postnatal consultation and examination

o   Psychology assessment and family bonding

o   Nutrition and breastfeeding support

o   Birth spacing and family planning

o   The pelvic floor trainings

o   Pap smear


-            Natural Birth:

o   Full emotional and physical support

o   Full equipped team with obstetricians, midwife and neonatologist

o   Pre-labor room, delivery room, birth pool

o   Nursing care for mother and baby 24H

o   Postnatal visits by obstetrician and neonatologist

o   Newborn baby screening test and vaccination

o   Hospital birth certificate and health record book

o   Food, gifts and transportation


-            C-Section:

o   Full emotional and physical support

o   Full equipped team with obstetrician (surgeon), obstetrician assistant (assistant surgeon), anesthesiologist, anesthesiologist assistant, scrub and circulate nurses, midwife and neonatologist

o   Operation room and PACU 2H

o   Nursing care for mother and baby 24H

o   Postnatal visits by obstetrician and neonatologist

o   Newborn baby screening test and vaccination


-            Hospital birth certificate and health record book


-            Homecare visit and follow up:

o   Visits and follow up at home, from discharge until six weeks post-delivery:

Weigh and examination of the baby

Check for jaundice, umbilical cord examination

Breastfeeding support

Check of vital signs of mother and baby

Monitoring of mother’s health: uterine involution, vaginal bleeding, perineal tear/episiotomy scar, urination and intestinal transit

o   Pelvic floor training

  • Service Hours
  • Mon-Sun: 07h00 - 19h00

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